Friday, October 21, 2005


Just venting. . .

I am super busy up here. I have my regular classes, my contextual education project (4 hours a week), my job, studying outside of class and my church. I love it, but some days i want to do nothing but sleep or eat cheese puffs and watch football.
I'm tired of hearing and talking about God as if the Lord is a warm fuzzy or a noble idea. I'm tired of viewing Jesus simply as the leader of a movement.

I want to scream at times "Jesus died and rose for more than this that we are settling for." More than political or financial "up"lift he wants us free of debt to external things. I believe part of justice is economic, but it is so much more. To lose sight of either the tangible, material aspects or the spiritual life is to tread dangerous waters. There is a balance that only a Spirit-led life can lead.

Will someone please stand up and read the Bible without an agenda, without focusing on minutae interpretation to get past hard things
Rambling, done.

Prehaps you are in the wrong place if that is how you talk about G-d. When one can so lightly talk about the Wondereous,Magnificant, far above anything we can conceive,G-d Most High.........then it is time for a new revelation.Knock and the door will be opened,seek and you will find. Be Blessed
i'm confused by your last commentor..? must've been a random viewer.
it is frustrating when people attempt to understand Scripture looking through the glass of their own tint.
If you'd like to listen to Scripture straight, read by a lot of volunteers is currently at Ezekiel, reading live, later the recordings of this will be podcast a chapter a day...
Great post Greg! I can definitely relate. Now let's go eat cheese puffs and watch football...
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